Finding Peace in a Pandemic

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
-Albus Dumbledore

There is no getting around the fact that we’ve lost our sense of normalcy, and many of us have lost jobs, businesses, and loved ones. There is much to grieve, and peace may feel far away. However, if we can make a few adjustments in our self-care we can love ourselves through this, find our peace, our joy, and our love of life even during the chaos. Here are 5 actionable steps to increase your peace:

1 – Shift Focus Regularly

Let’s be real, the details we have to think about on a daily basis during a pandemic are heavy. Countless small and large changes in our routine have been required of us, and the brain power to recalculate for the “new normal” alone can be exhausting. So, it’s more important than ever to shift our focus intentionally every day. Whether we zoom out and see our little blue planet gracefully circling the sun, or we zoom in to appreciate the miracle of our bodies, or we zoom down to the core of the earth, take time to see the present moment from a different angle. 

2 – Ask Yourself What You Can Control, Then Do Something

When challenges reach a global level and we rely on each other to keep our communities safe, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, powerless, or fearful. There is so much we cannot control, and other people’s reactions to the pandemic may baffle and frustrate us immensely. After you take that moment of WTF, remember to regroup and focus on what is within your realm of control. What can you do today to get your needs met, feel safe and peaceful? Then do it; even the smallest act can add a lot more peace to your day!

3 – Relax More Than Usual

Take a nap, sky/star gaze, take a bath, slow down, be more gentle and flexible with yourself, sleep in, give yourself a break, forgive yourself for gaining a few pounds, and take a deep breath. When life gets extra stressful, we require extra recharge time. Allowing stress to go unchecked actually weakens your immune system, so prioritize your rest and relaxation. 

4 – Vent to Someone Trustworthy

Make an appointment with your coach, therapist, trusted advisor, or even your journal and get some of these thoughts out of your head. With so much to process, it helps to have a dumping session to clear the mind and recenter. It’s important that you don’t feel you are stressing or burdening the one you vent to, choose wisely so you can really let it all out! 

5 – Live for Today

Because the future is so unknown right now, the brain can’t help but want to figure out what happens next. Forward thinking is important and valuable, just be sure to come back to the present moment. This year may be crazy, but avoid the temptation to shut down until it’s over. Remember that if we spend our whole day thinking about tomorrow, we miss out on untold joys and peace. So smell the flowers, Tell your friends and family you love them, watch the sunset, and live for today.

You are enough. However your journey through this pandemic unfolds, you will learn and grow. There’s no perfect way through, so just keep going with your head held high. Peace is possible, and I commend you for reaching for it. 

Let There be Peace on Earth… and Let it Begin with Me