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  • 7 Days To a Healthier You: Virtual Coaching


    One Week of Daily Emails
    Each email includes: Daily goals designed to be fun and doable at home, An Audio Message from your coach, & 4 optional homework assignments.

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  • Accountability Buddy: Mission Accomplished!


    1 Month of Daily Texts or Emails
    So you’ve been wanting to do this thing, and know it would be so much easier if you had a cheerleader in your corner to keep you motivated, celebrate your wins, and hold you accountable. Whether it’s exercise, reading, work deadlines, diet, self-care, home projects, or relationship goals, see how much more successful you are with a coach texting or emailing you daily!

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  • Business Success: Love Your Work


    Four 60-75 minute coaching sessions
    If you’re starting a new business, exploring career options, or needing support reaching your work goals, this is the program for you. You will come away with new insights, actionable next steps, and a clear strategy for success.

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