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  • Me, Myself, and I: Reclaim Your Calm


    One 60-75 minute coaching session
    Explore your core values and life’s purpose, get grounded, and re-center. 60 minutes of coaching with a personality assessment followed by 10 minutes of massage.

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  • More Joy: Unlock Your Most Blissful Self


    Four 60-75 minute coaching sessions
    In this well rounded and easy coaching program you will get in touch with your inner child, learn to be proactive in your approach to joy, and come away with an actionable plan for increasing your happiness.

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  • Romantic Couples Course: Virtual


    Series of 7 Daily Emails
    Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day, an Anniversary, or you just feel it’s the perfect time to turn up the heat, this 7 day couples course is sure to bring more connection, more joy, and more satisfaction into your relationship. Enjoy the benefits of couples coaching without the hassle.
    Each email includes:
    • Daily goals designed to be fun and doable at home
    • An Audio Message from your coach
    • 4 optional homework assignments

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